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January 28, 2014


ah, this looks very good to me! I have *ahem* a bit more. But - I no longer think it's SABLE. I did get a few sweater quantities added last year - pieces I intended to knit, started, ripped, and ... now the yarn is sittting there. But I've made great strides in the past 16 months or so - shelves are looking emptier. Maybe I'll post about it, and include real photos!

You are remarkable. That is all I am going to say about that.

Out of control, but I know what's there. I'm not unhappy with it, but know I will need to cull the herd shortly;-p

I am very impressed. My stash is ... more out of control. Although I do have plans to do something about that.

My stash isn't very large but it's mostly full of yarn I may never use - except for my awesome collection of sock yarn. I have odds and ends of other stuff, though, that I should probably destash.

Wow. That's such a modest stash!! I got rid of a ton of stuff (gave away/donated) when I moved, but it's still completely ridiculous.

...have you any wool? Yessir, yessir three bins full...

I went through my yarn stash last year and got rid of much of it (it's all in the hands of happy knitters, rest assured), and I feel my stash is manageable now. Still. I don't need to by any yarn. Ever again.

You can tell that everyone above is a serious knitter. They think your stash is incredibly modest, and I guess it is for someone who knits as much as you do. My stash is about like yours, with less variety. And it is generally "old" yarn since I have been unable to knit much in the last few years. I still like a lot of it, and I am NOT adding to it. Either I will use it or give it away. I am a lot like you in that having too much makes me feel a little overwhelmed. You are very organized and disciplined in your hoarding!

Well.... funny you should mention it because I did dig into the stash this weekend and faced it. It's not as horrible as some, but definitely more than I need. I vowed at the beginning of the year not to buy anything until the Sheep and Wool Festivals begin in May. I will probably dedicate a post to this topic later in the week. Great picture of Violet Crawley :-)

I'm trying to be less impulsive in my purchases. I occasionally reacquaint myself with what's on hand, re-evaluating the usefulness/possibilities of any given yarn -- that sometimes results in lightening the load a bit, but not always!

We have very similar stash philosophies. Most of the yarn in my stash is very old and doesn't suit me for one reason or another. Its pretty sitting on shelves in the Fiber Room, though.

My stash is huge but in its defense I inherited my mothers stash when she died many years ago. I've pared the collection down somewhat but there's more work I could do. Love your stash and it makes me want to thin mine out a bit.

Three bins, wow! That's seriously impressive downsizing!

I have, er, a few more bins than that. ;-) But I've also got two sweaters on the needles that I cast on with "deep stash" yarn... it's a step in the right direction.

Your stash makes mine look overdue for a major purge! I think I can make use of most all of my sweater stash (in my lifetime!), maybe half of my sock stash if I work at it and only about 1/4 of my lace stash. Then there are all those single ball and 2 ball purchases for gloves, hats and cowls- not sure how those will fall. I have a plan to put it up on Ravelry and offer up what I don't need. The only thing blocking me is my fear of the camera. I have no shame about the yarn itself! Oh, where's your spinning fiber stash Margene?

I think I may have more than you.

Remember when we all bought into the line "sock yarn doesn't count as stash?"

I'm still there... And since I like to knit shawls from sock weight. Hmmmm ;)

We'll most people know the size of my stash. And it is much more out of control than yours. Like yours it was purchased with the purest intent. To be rapidly knit into something I desired at the moment. I am trying to be better, and about one a year make a real effort to sell or donate that I have grown tired of. My problem is that the open space seems to send me subliminal messages to fill it up again.

I am so impressed and proud of you!

This time of year, I want to order a dumpster and make my life easier and lighter. Way too much yarn. Like you, I've outgrown a lot of it. Been given way too much weirdness and have no idea what I'll do with most of it. Then there's all that handspun I will never use. :?

I have a very large stash, and it's been said to reach an urban legend status. I'm very proud of your willpower to part with your yarn. Just the other day, my daughter joked that I have more yarn than I will knit in a lifetime. I replied that yes I have SABLE, and she said there's a name for it already?! LOL!

I have an entire closet in my house devoted to my stash and it's stuffed floor to ceiling. I keep it all organized in bins as well as an excel spreadsheet, so I can tell you that I have roughly 80,000 yards of yarn. If I knit 500 yards a month (which I do, and then some), it should last me a bit over 13 years. Not SABLE on its own, but if I keep adding to it, it will be! (I don't include my handspun or spinning fiber in my calculations. That would be madness.)

Yarndude you would bring in the madness of spinning fibers! lol

My stash is out of control. I'm going to have a sale (yarn and fiber) at some point in 2014. I need to attack and sort it and then get things together to sell. I want to make sure that what remains is either stuff I'll use or stuff that's meaningful.

I've certainly got some items I could part with! I was just rooting around in there last night actually. The real scary part is the number of UFOs. That has got to be dealt with soon!

DB is certain that I have more than SABLE but I disagree. When I can whip out a woven afghan that uses 17 skeins in a week of evenings I know that the stash will take a drastic hit once I retire and have more than an hour or two in the evening to weave/knit/spin/sew!

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