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January 02, 2014


Can you believe I still haven't blocked my Germinate? Oy. And my first new project of 2014 is going to be Sweet Dreams, I bought the yarn for it at WEBS on Monday with Kim.

Personally, I think you were quite productive in 2013. When we knit mostly for process, the completion is wonderful but not always the most important goal. Happy New Year, Dear One.

You beat my 2013 knit production by orders of magnitude. :D

I hope you do knit Chicane again - the sleeves are SO COOL.

Here, here Margene! We'll do what we can when we can and most importantly...enjoy.

Here's to 2014, come what may!

You're preaching to the choir over here with that "process" talk... it's what I love best.

Happy New Year, Margene (& Smith)!!

Looks like a well-done year!

Gorgeous, Margene!!! I'm all about the joy and process with my knitting these days as it's so limited. Happy New Year! xoxo

Nice wrap (up)! Hats off to the mistress of process!

Love the sweater, love the red shawl . . . both my colours. Must go look at the patterns :-)

I really like all your makes, and yes, it should always be the process. It takes so much time to knit something, so if you don't enjoy it, what's the point? I hope you have a lovely time with the process this year.

Your process has produced some exquisite product! Here's to happy, contented, and peaceful knitting process in 2014.

Agreeing with the rest of the commenters that your 2013 looks quite productive - beautiful yarn, lovely patterns and the gorgeous scenery. Can't wait to see more of the same in 2014! (plus a sweater you love ... that fits!)

So much beautiful! I like the peaceful notes on your thoughts of 2014. xo

Love your 2013 knits and can only imagine 2014 being just better and more!

Some beautiful things there, for sure!

Beautiful projects, all, Margene! So lovely. And it IS all about the process -- not the product. Knitting whatever moves us is the best way! (I'm finally accepting that I just won't be able to knit ALL THE THINGS.) XOXO

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