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December 19, 2013


ooh you are definitely going to love your MacBook Air... of course I'm kind of in love with all things Mac and Apple - they work...and they look awesome! I am so glad you're enjoying knitting, too - can't wait to see more in 2014.

What an awesome bonus of pilates that it has made your knitting enjoyable and pain free! That's a win-win right there. And how did I miss Vestry Street? I love that pattern and I'm going to add it to my ever-growing queue. Enjoy your MacBook Air! I'm jealous!

Wonderful news. Love your new 'puter and am thrilled that Pilates is helping you so much. It's Thursday!!!

Congrats on your new shiny laptop! Glad that Pilates has been such a positive experience with added bonuses in the knitting department.

Congrats on the new laptop and on being STRONG! :)

Oooh, nice new laptop for you!! I'm so glad you're feeling stronger!

So glad you went with a Mac! Love mine. LOVE. And I'm so glad Pilates is doing such wonderful things for your body and soul!

Awesome new laptop! Use it in good health.

I am looking forward to trying Pilates when the time is right.

Congratulations - she is beautiful, you will enjoy having the new technology

'Apples' also make you strong! Yay!

So happy you are growing stronger everyday, it does make one feel so much better.

Being strong is its own reward, but it has so many wonderful side effects, not the least of which is the ability to pursue whatever you like. I'm so glad everything is going well, Pilates, computing, knitting. Be present, enjoy it all!

I'm so glad you're getting such improvement from the Pilates, and that now you can go even more often.

Your new Air is fab.

Such good news all around. I'm trying to find a way to fit Pilates into my schedule, once this pup gets a bit older it should work!

I keep thinking it's getting to be time to get strong again.
That computer is PRETTY.

Big step up in technology. You will have a fun time. And YES. If strength is what gets you knitting more, then I will cheer Pilates and you.

congrats on a computer-yay! Love seeing your knitting goals, I've yet to write mine, but will soon.

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