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December 17, 2013


I love the idea of all those twinkle lights and celebrating the solstice. Also, on my list this holiday to see Saving Mr Banks. We're going on the 26th. Looks happy, and I adore Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson for sure! Merry Merry (and no Humbug!)

I think your traditions are wonderful and a peaceful and quiet holiday for two sounds delightful to me. I know what you mean about movies but I agree with Mary that Saving Mr. Banks would be a great one to see for the holiday. Hannah and I were just saying last night that the 3 of us should go see it over the Christmas break.

We celebrate Christmas with just the two of us too. It is such a welcome contrast from the frantic searching for gifts and spending followed by remorse and bills that goes on around us. Christmas Eve and Christmas finds us quietly working on the hobbies we love but have no time for because of working full time: photography, sewing and reading. We will have a candle lit dinner too. Thanks for the movie idea, along with Saving Mr. Banks, how about Book Thief?

I haven't seen the garden Santa in several years. Thanks for bringing him by the blog again. I do love him and your needlework is lovely! I, too, am celebrating the end of the darkness this coming weekend, dear friend.

No traditions here except feeling very grateful for one another and the blessings of everyday. Hooray for the Solstice!

Your traditions sound very cozy. :) Mine is Christmas Eve with my family, opening gifts.

Love what you do. Such celebration from the heart.

Nicely played.

I love the idea of the lights. I think I am going to do that as well this year. Great idea to go to the movies! Enjoy your day :-)

We have no traditions, other than our most recent one of a Christmas movie with special friends.

But at least this year I put out a few wee decorations.

I love the light -- from my tree and our "array" in the front door. It sure helps!

Nebraska sounds good!

Lovely traditions, ours change but some stay the same :) beautiful needlepoint!!

I love your needlepoint Santas.
The main tradition is to get as many of the kids home as possible.

Wonderful traditions! Garden Santa is my favorite of ALL your glorious Santas. (And I think a movie on Christmas morning is a perfect idea!)

We've got quite a few lights going as well and I love coming home (and waking up) to the glow. I found this for you: http://www.businessinsider.com/christmas-day-movies-what-to-see-2013-12 We hope to catch a movie over the holiday too.

Yes, it is all about light, isn't it? How about The Hobbit?

Now I have an earworm. Lovely traditions. Ours morph a little each year, but I think I love them even more for it.

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