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December 10, 2013


Would love to trade your list for mine.

Oh, Lord, grrl. My to-do list is never ending (and, pretty much non-existent). I only make shopping lists. If I don't do that I end of forgetting what I went in for and getting stuff I don't need. I could use new furniture, but will keep what I have until fortunes change for the better;-p

How lucky are your family members to receive those beautiful ornaments! If you have time, please post more pictures of them. Happy Holidays.

My to do list is always too long. I like yours!

Each blog post I see this morning reminds me of something I need to add to my list! Our spinning guild party is this weekend and I need to figure out what I'm bringing.

Looks like you've got some fun ahead! I've got to get the vegan thing figured out by the weekend. Dan keeps telling me vegan is easy!

Your list is a good mix of fun and obligation. I'd love to take you furniture shopping - I really enjoy it! And the needlepoint Santa you sent me is one of my treasured Christmas decorations.

Not a bad to-do list! It's great that you got that special deal for the gym.

busy! love that the gym made your list…and need to know the secret of pilates -> knitting? for me, the only thing I get done when I knit is listening to books or watching TV?

Oooh, Imagine When looks like a fun project! Yoga was right at the top of my list... I've not been moving and now that the cold has arrived, I am feeling it deep in my muscles and bones. A mid-January warm-up trip to Rio is probably not going to happen this year, so I must figure out another way! I still don't like "hot" yoga, especially when I have to walk out into sub-freezing temperatures to get there and back, but something...

You have been busy!! I have to admit I am terrible with lists, but my word next year is going to be Focus and list making is going to be something I learn to do. I may actually get things finished.

Yay for you doing pilates 3 times a week, that is awesome!

I really need to get a haircut, too. But will I remember when I'm near a phone? No, I will not.

Aha! Turns out you're a pretty good list-maker, Margene! ;-)

I agree with Kym, for someone who thinks she is not a good list-maker, this is a pretty good list. I am a list-maker, otherwise nothing gets done, or at least it doesn't get done by priority. Pilates 3 times this week, that's a great goal! I despise furniture shopping, and I desperately need a new, wider chair for me and the dogs. Seriously, I might as well give in, they are not going anywhere else. Moxie looks comfortable, chillin'.

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