Wednesdays are for Yarning Along
Chillin' Edition


There has been a certain amount of laziness when it comes to this blog, although I also want to hangout with my besties on the internets. There is action on this side of the screen and action on that side. The challenge is to find the balance and enjoy both.


The bitter cold has most of us in its grip, while the hardest part of this time of year is the dark. My nod to the season is to cover every surface surface of my living room with white lights. In the corner I gathered the red beauty of several poinsettias, as they lift the spirit when surrounded by light.

We do not worry about the obligation of the season and keep our lives simple during this hectic time of year. One party this week will be my only seasonal obligation, a fun one at that.  I am concentrating on finding joy, keeping warmth in my heart, and on breathing through the coldest, darkest days of winter.There is always beauty to behold.


I'm sure you can imagine how excited I am to see the forecasted high for Thursday is supposed to be +20F. I might not even need to wear a coat, it'll be so warm. ;)

You are concentrating on the things that really matter. I try to do the same. Merry, merry.

Katie is really noticing/feeling the lack of light in Scotland! It's not that great here in Wisconsin, but she's almost 13 degrees north of what she's used to and the difference is marked. I'll have to suggest stringing up a few lights -- it might help!

Been seeing how cold it is for you. Here are warm hugs, sent through the interwebs, to keep you warm until the light comes back.

Funny, I went ahead and strung some lights too. Sometimes it seems my only advantage this time of year is I spend more time outdoors. Granted it is a -20 below windchill this morning but the sun is shining.....good thing the sheep have their lovely wool coats on.

Lots of light is going to happen here too! We haven't had quite the chill all of you have had..brrr, but it is snowing today.

Stay warm and stay happy!!!

Your attitude is good. It is so hard to stay positive when you are cold and it's so dark. No poinsettias at Casa de Stinky. They are toxic for the furbabiez. Grover doesn't care (probably much like Maxie), but Stinky would be too interested.

When my kids were in kindergarten, their teachers spent a lot of time looking for what many world religions had in common with their winter holidays, and it was light! Your post has done more to bring a wonderful, calming holiday spirit into my heart than anything else I've come across so far. Thank you so much for the reminder to bring light into my life, along with simplicity, joy and warmth. I'm wishing those same things for you this winter.

Keep taking care of yourself, sweetie. The sun will return soon enough. xo

My favorite thing to do in the dark days of winter . . . is to string up lots and lots of white twinkly lights. I put them up way before the holidays, and I leave them up until spring. I don't think I could manage through the darkness without them!

All things are good in context, including laziness. There is no better time to be lazy than during the cold dark days of winter. The sun is actually trying to shine here this morning, so I hope some is headed your way as well. It's a tonic for the soul.

one of my favorite things about "internet friends" is seeing how different things are in other places. I'm feeling downright tropical this week; it's 40-ish degrees outside and there's still a bit of daylight. or course I'm not seeing anything over mountaintops...or snow! and I know you have to live life on the other side of the keyboard in order to have anything fun to blog about!

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