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Still Weekending

The weather has stayed warm and sunny, but since I'm a working slug I'm still dreaming about my weekend.


One of the more curious sightings made while at the lake was of this feather frozen in the ice. Another of the same color was half submerge a short distance away. I can only guess it is from a mallard, as they are summer inhabitants of the lake. I had no idea their feathers were of such an electric color. 

Silver Lake is part of Brighton* which is one of the few ski resorts open for the season. The local skiers had the right idea, as they queued up to take advantage of the beautiful day, although the snow would have been less than optimal. We need a good snow season this year.

The aspen forest surrounding Silver Fork Lodge has turned brown, the snow on the distant peaks is quickly melting. After my walk along the lake I decided it was time for lunch and Itook a gamble, as it was after the breakfast rush when the kitchen would be less than crazy/busy. My lunch was delicious, but sorry to report I won't be eating there again. If you don't have celiac disease I highly recommend their food.

The housework remains undone, but will be address later this week when the weather has changed from blue to dull gray.

*If you click on the Brighton link you'll see the area from the air. Silver Lake is the all white oval of snow (and ice) in the bottom right hand corner. 


I love seeing a weekending post on a Wednesday morning. feels like Utah here...25 degrees this morning!!...but sure doesn't look like it!

Winter really is coming. Damn. Sorry your lunch at SFL wasn't compatible with your diet, that stinks.

Nice, except for the gluten. That could only have been disappointing and painful. I didn't know it was at Brighton.

That feather! It made me gasp. What a perfect surprise. (And so sorry about your lunch.)

The sky is so very blue and nary a cloud. How pretty. We are on the downhill slide to winter, aren't we? Most of the leaves have fallen here and I can't even see my back yard. I will not be out looking at the pretty this weekend. I will be raking it;-p

Oh oh - you had a reaction? :(

That feather is incredible! And the lunch...;-( Glad you're still finding other things to do than dust!

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Silver Fork Lodge let you down.

Once again why I stop in here first every morning, what a beautiful and unexpected feather. Thanks for being such a wonderful observer and for sharing with all of us.

That feather is amazing!! We working slugs... working for the weekend! :)

lovely place thanks for taking me there through your photos :)

What a beautiful feather! I think you must be correct that it's a duck's or perhaps Archangel Raphael?!
Sounds like you had a reaction to that breakfast. I have the same issue and have found that if I take a 'GlutenEase' pill from Enzymedica with possibly contaminated food then the reaction is cut. I had that happen last week dining out in San Diego when about an hour after the meal I felt the hives coming on, and I realized there must have been some gluten in my food after all. It even worked when I took it then- well after the meal. I don't use this in order to eat gluten foods, but it really helps the accidents. Thought you might like some 'insurance'.
Your sky pictures are so intense blue! Lovely

Interesting feather - I'd have assumed it was dyed.

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