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November 05, 2013


I am the same, but have made my peace with darkness since that's what I deal with most of the time. I adore the weekends for the light in the morning and the walking in the light.

I'm fine with the NATURAL change of seasons, the shifting of light & dark. I object to the monkey business of interruption and SUDDEN change! I'd like to just leave it alone...

As a cold person as well I've found ways to stay warm and you're so right, one of them is being outside and moving! 30 degrees is really quite nice isn't it? ;-)

I wish they would just let everything alone, and let nature do what it is supposed to do.

I hated winter before the outdoor activities drew me in. I started with XC skiing. Suddenly there was a purpose to all that snow and all that cold. And it wasn't that cold after about five minutes of XC. Plus it wasn't crowded, and the woods/fields are always beautiful.

Now I read what Vicki said in the comment ahead of me, and see I am not alone.

Getting outdoors on nice sunny days does help. Up until last year I was always warm, never cold. I guess as I get older that's changing so I have to adjust and embrace!

The mountains sure don't look like that this morning. Get out your spikes.

Amen! I love it too. (And, frankly, I don't mind an extra hour of sleep on a weekend in November, either.)

I think you are very wise to have strategies to deal with the cold and dark. Winter, not a good time for me! Every year I have a Plan, and I work my Plan all winter. It consists of extra exercise, cooking, crafts, learning something new, being a homebody, and generally trying to make the most of a situation I wouldn't choose if the choice were mine. I could deal with the cold much better if I didn't mourn the loss of the light so much. Here's to a successful winter for all of us.

I leave for work at 6:30 and it was fully light out this morning - so weird compared to the last few weeks!

I am an early morning person as well, I love this time change and snuggling at home with a hot cup of tea at night :)

No flack from this quarter. I love DST too, and miss it terribly. I'm not a morning person (unless I've been up all night), and really need the light in the mornings.

I would totally be on board to have DST all the time. :)

I just want to have one time all the time - I'm pretty sure I'll still get up in the dark and go to sleep in the dark whether it's DST or ST. But it gets my day off to a brighter start if the sun gets up when I do!

I think it helps a LOT to get outside whenever possible! Fresh air, sunshine (whatever there is of it), and movement are the cures for almost anything.

Once I make the adjustment (and by that I mean putting on shoes), I fully buy in to the change of seasons. Even though I might complain now and again.

Sounds like you have the plan and attitude perfect for the change in the year. xo

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