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November 12, 2013


what a beautiful day! (I am not so good at face selfies, but I'm getting pretty good at photos of my feet :-)

Good for you. Enjoying a day like a big grrl. Not needing company, just the beauty of the sky and landscape. I'm sorry Smith had to work, but so glad you enjoyed the day!!!

Those are great selfies and I'm glad you got out there. Sometimes a trip like that on your own is just what your soul needs!

Actually, YOU are the best Silver Lake scenes.

Great happy selfies in a favorite spot. Glad you got a chance to get out and recharge.

Now that sounds like the perfect thing to do . . . when you're on your own. . . on a lovely Sunday! (So glad you put down that dust rag. Life is too short to waste a blue-sky day.)

Love your "Selfies" - I take a terrible photograph whether I or someone else takes it. Just not photogenic I suppose.
Gorgeous day and scenery too!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day and smile!

Gorgeous!!! Love you!!

I love days like that. :) Glad you took advantage of it!

Gorgeous day, and gorgeous smile on my dear friend!

*LOVE* your selfies!! And Laurie is correct, the best Silver Lake scene is the one with you in it! What a gorgeous day - glad you found a way to enjoy it.

where is your sundress :) Love the selfies, mine are horrible I think I need more practice.

Thanks for taking us along on your trip to Silver Lake. That's just one reason I love reading your blog, love the western sunshine!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share it because it is SO appreciated.

I'm so glad you got out into the wild while the weather is still warm. You have to make the most of it while it lasts.

I think those selfies are just right. They capture your smile and the moment. That's a lot for a picture like that, IMO.

Great job on the selfies! And the views...oh those skies!

I like those selfies! You look joyous, and the day looked lovely. You are right, capture those last few days of good weather; who knows when they will come again. Be present!

Gorgeous pics! Nice selfies, and great that you're taking advantage of the good weather.


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