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All By Myself

A Contest I Didn't Have


The picture is of yesterday morning's sunrise. This time of year the sun doesn't come over the mountain until after 8:00am. There you have it, yet another sky picture for the week. At least I got in one knitting related post this week.

Yesterday Cheryl blogged about her milestone of 1,500 posts, which reminded me to look at my stats. I knew I was getting close to a nice round number of comments, but hadn't thought to look the past week. As it happened, the comments were sitting at that nice round number! I checked to see who the last commenter was and it was KYM!

Kym, you were commenter 67,000! I've been blogging for nearly 10 years, but that's quite a number. Thank you everyone for reading and sharing your thoughts, giving encouragement and love, and for being with me through thick and thin. Everyone who lurks or comments here is awesome. Thank you!!


Oh, that's cool... and I should take a look, too! XO

I'm so excited -- and so happy to be taking part in your conversation! (And those clouds are beautiful, by the way. They look like lace. . .)

Wow, talk about amazing timing! :D

A lot...whatta milestone. (Oh, and Kym needs a prize...don't ya think?)

Wow, neat!

You see, even when you do not check the number you feel the growing mass of your comments!

Lovely skies as usual.

Congratulations!! HUGE.

Awesome number and even more awesome that it was our dear Kym who left the milestone comment!

Congratulations Margene!

Wow! 10 years is amazing! and 67,000+ comments is a tribute to meaningful content and relationships. thank you for the inspiration!

Congrats on the milestone! You make this an awesome place to comment, lurk, read, and enjoy! xoxo

No, thank you for sharing your life with us! Your blog is still so readable after ten years. Now, that's an accomplishment, Margene.

Congrats on the numerous years, posts and commenters. I always love the lurker so whoever they may be.

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