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October 08, 2013


The very best of fall! (Oh. And the beets! Love the beets.) I'm so glad your fingertips have healed up so quickly - and that you're already back at the knitting!

You do it right. Those beets are HUGE. GLad to hear the blisters behaved themselves. So much better that way.

Your sky is always gorgeous. :)

We have mid-70s and sunny for the rest of the week!!

Ten fabulous ways to enjoy -- and hold on to -- autumn!! :)

You're doing it all right! I hope autumn sticks around for you - I can't even think about winter in October!

I watched the sunrise this morning, and it was lovely.

Plant some bulbs and Fall pansies?

Isn't this a great time of year? I hope you get to hold onto Fall a little longer this year. While we barely have a Spring up here in New England, we do have a nice long Fall.

Yay! I'm glad your fingers are well again and that you are able to knit what you want. xo

I love how we share the two ends of the season! we're hanging on to summer here and you're fending off winter. Wish I had those garden things and mountain things on my list too :-)

I love pumpkins. This last week I saw white ones, green ones, and grayish orange ones - it looked like Pottery Barn in the grocery store. I never knew those kinds of punkins were real!

It all looks so wonderful Margene. And I know what you mean about the cooking and baking!

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