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When the scenery looks like this, and there is quite a bit of chat going on, no knitting is accomplished. My knitting bag never left the back seat. Perhaps, I am no longer a real knitter, as I'd rather look at the sky.The trip was quick, but it was still four days stuck in the car, a bit too (as in TOOOOO) long to sit.

If you eat GF I recommend Flagstaff as a destination and if you don't eat GF you'll love "Flag", too.

PS. The picture was taken on 89A in AZ.


Y'know, has little to do with being a knitter or not. It is just recognizing different priorities. We recently were in Door County, Wisconsin. Little knitting was done, the vistas were so amazing.

A knitter is always a knitter even when the knitting stays in the back seat. You were in the moment and that's all that matters.

Real knitters take breaks. Sometimes even long breaks. (I rarely knit when I travel; too much else going on!) What a beautiful vista! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

How gorgeous. There will be time to knit, but they vista was indeed amazing!

You'll always be a knitter, deep down inside, Margene. But who wouldn't want to enjoy that view. I would be loving the blue sky and sunshine. There's time to knit when the snow flies - lol! Can you tell it's snowing here, where I live today :(

That is a long time to be in a car! But at least you had great scenery...

I'm amazed at how much time I can spend looking out the window and the knitting sits in my lap. Beautiful part of the world, what a sky!

Sounds like a great trip!

Gorgeous! Of course you wouldn't want to miss that.

Beautiful! Ya gotta go with the flow, and it sounds like you did. I always bring my knitting (and my camera) just in case -- I'd prefer to have it and not use it, than to want it and not have it! Cosmic truth. Or something.

I think you're still a knitter! I always choose scenery over knitting.

What a beautiful vista - glad you chose that over the knitting! (and of course you're still a Knitter even when you don't knit :-)

I find scenery that good to be a distraction, too! Great photo.

I had a feeling it would not be knitting time. I'm glad you had such beautiful scenery and good eats. xo

Oh I miss that view! and the sky especially around sunset time.

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