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October 16, 2013


I always love seeing your sky - it's gorgeous and changing and inspiring - just like YOU!

I say it all the time...you have the VERY best skies!!

I also share the habit of being an early riser, and go out to check for the paper at about 5 each morning - the stars are out, and it is beautiful and i say a little blessing thanking the gods and goddesses who make this possible

I am an early riser (5:15) and love the morning views each day. Glad to know that I am sharing the same wonder with someone in a different area of the world :)

You capture the magnificent expanses of Utah perfectly.


Beautiful pictures. Pink clouds are just the prettiest things ever.

Love your love for the sky and all of its beauty! I love it too.

Gorgeous - thanks for sharing! :)

I used to be an early riser. I miss it. I like your skies. Ours are just boring blue.

I imagine that those people who see you looking at the sky, hopefully realize that they are missing something that you are seeing...your sky shots are truly wonderful! I am an early waker...which is to say I awake early and lie in bed reading until the radio/alarm tells me it is time to start to move! thanks for the shots of your beautiful skies!

beautiful! from one morning lover to another! noticing the sunrise never fails to ground my day.

Let's hope that in seeing you they look up at the sky with the same appreciation and say their own prayers. Thanks for your photos.

Absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Such a wonderful way to center yourself and begin (or end!)your day.

I, too, am a sky-watcher. From a long line of sky-watchers. The enormity, beauty and ever-changing vista is calming to me. Thank you, Dear, for sharing the beauty.

I still like the project your started but frogged, of doing the scarf with a line each day of the sky color. I thought that was an interesting project.

Your words are beautiful Margene! Oh, and the skies are pretty special too.

Oh, that glorious pink... and the light. Just beautiful, Margene!

Wonderful post! I too love sunrises and sunsets and how they look both from the east and west- different yet equally beautiful! Fantastic photos!

Beautiful pictures and words. I hope today's sunrise was wonderful. xo

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