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October 09, 2013


I love knitting cables...and you're right about knitting them without a cable needle - it's so much easier! that red you chose for the hat is gorgeous!!

Must learn the cableless technique.

Book looks intriguing. Sounds Kindle-able.

Beautiful hat! I think cables are my favorite thing to knit - kind of magical. (Call me nuts - but even though I know how to do cables without a cable needle, I actually prefer using one!)

I love Nicole Krauss. :-)

cute hat! Love the color and it's perfect for fall (or winter) :)

I am still a cable needle kind a gal. Just lost too many stitches without it. I love when you talk about your books! Happy Hump Day!!!

Love the hat, love the color, love the cables! I've got a BT hat (Norby) that's just at the crown too. I could have used it this morning!

Ohhhhh, Shelter. Love the color, so good to brighten up cold days ahead.

Cabling without a cable needle is the best! That hat will be lovely - I need to make myself a cabled hat, I think. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Cables. Love 'em.

Love cables. There's such a nice rhythm to them when knitting. Beautiful color - quite a change from your usual blue!!

Cute hat! :)

I used to be afraid of cables but now I really enjoy them - especially without the cable needle. I enjoyed History of Love and have put this one in my queue.

Cute hat! I love cables.

Beautiful hat and such a wonderful red! xo

Love the hat! It looks so snuggly and warm.

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