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September 24, 2013


All of those books are on my To-Read list, as well (as you probably already guessed!)-- except Beyond the Beautiful Forevers (because I've already read it). So many books . . . (And I'm completely with you on the reviewing. Formal reviews just feel too much like . . . work!)

Sometimes a book review feels so "old school", but it's nice to know if you agreed with the reviewers or why you didn't like a book. And, to my embarrassment, I haven't heard of any of the books on your list. sigh

My little reviewettes are about as wild as I get with reviewing, and they're mostly to remind me a little bit about the book since I have such a bad memory. :)

I loved History of Love, I'll be adding her others now. You and Kym always have great recommendations! And yeah, I'm with you on the reviews. I will write a little bit but not too much. I just read a scathing review this morning that a friend wrote and, I dunno, it feels rude to me to be that negative, I guess. I let the stars do the talking for me!

I've added these to my list. I always trust your ratings!

Over here wishing for 'tons of snow' which may begin any time after 3 pm on Sunday ;) Snow trumps books (for me at this point in time).

Wow! You are the only person I "know" who has read or intends to read American Pastoral. I read it several years ago and hated it at first, but kept reading. It is a story I cannot forget and worth the time. Thanks for your terrific list!

I'd be lost without you Margene! History of Love (which I read a 1/3 of 3 years ago!) is next and will be read next week on vacation.

Thank you, Margene! I hope you like Revolution!

American Pastoral is one of my favorite books. So, so good. (Though Sabbath's Theater is my favorite by Roth.)

Thanks for talking about this, Margene. Maybe I wasn't clear about what I meant by reviews. Now I know why you don't like to do them. It seems that "the book belongs to the reader" (TBBTTR) is very fitting for you. I understand. I have noted your star reviews, and you are such a thoughtful reader that I wanted to pick your brain some more! I just recently read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and I was blown away. It's one of those books that looks so effortless, but then I found out it took him a decade to finish it. Uh, maybe that's why it reads so effortlessly, as in, it was polished over a long time. If you get stumped for a post, maybe you could ask us what are Top 5 favorite books are. I could get out a pad and pen for that! Thanks again for the book topic of this post.

I rely on your star ratings, even without the words! and your TBR list will add to mine, too. (except the Nicole Krauss...read that and only liked it - wonder what you'll think!)

Next on the Kindke is The Sound of Things Falling. I heard two good reviews on NPR over the summer and have held an interest in Latin American authors for a few decades so loaded it for this trip.

I noticed your Sebastian Faulks on your sidebar there - did you read Birdsong too? I'm curious how you liked it.

Your sidebar is one of my must-check places when wanting some reading inspiration. I have hooked my parents and in laws on Louise Penny thanks to your recommendation. I always appreciate your "stars."

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