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September 25, 2013


those clouds are amazing! we are so blessed to live in a world where nature is beautiful.

I love when you post photos of your mountains even if it does make me miss being there with you. I hope you get a nice long fall!

I love sky reflections in the water! Yours are beautiful.

The reflections are lovely! I like the ripples . . . kind of like an impressionist painting effect. (Wishing I was hiking around the lake with you. Such wonderful memories.)

The mountains are always wonderful, but the reflected clouds and ripples do make the photos even more interesting!

Interesting quote. My answer to the question: It means God loves us.

So very pretty, and peaceful.

Oh, those reflective photos are gorgeous!

I AM SO READY FOR FALL. Bring it on!

It is wonderful seeing the sky like that.

Beautiful pictures Margene! Thank-you!

So beautiful!

The quote speaks volumes. Adding to yesterday's book list, The Worst Hard Time. I am a come-lately to this book which has been out for several years, but its story of the Dust Bowl is a profound testiment to what happens when we do not respect nature.

Beautiful shots.

And thank you again for picking my name out of the random number generator.

You always have such beautiful pictures!

Gorgeous photos! And congrats to the winners. :)

There's something about water and rocks. I can't not-throw them either. Why can't you walk after it snows?

I'll need to get directions from you. The last time we were in SLC we enjoyed breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge. Silver Lake needs to be our next SLC outing. Beautiful!

That is very pretty! You'd think after that long, insanely hot summer we'd be treated to a nice long fall, but looks like we're in for winter already!

So gorgeous! I'm glad you two had this lovely day together. xo

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