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August 20, 2013


That's the way, Margene! Get back on that horse and ride! I much prefer knitting sweaters in pieces -- so much more control; so much more structure. The fit is usually far preferable, too. (And I don't mind seaming either.) I, too, have had many (mostly, actually) sweater FAILS. It's helped me figure out what works for me -- and what doesn't. It's a process. . .

Now I don't feel so bad, if even YOU have not knitted a sweater in that long! It must be something in the air....

And I too have never minded seaming. I actually quite like it. Carry on, McDuff! XO

While I don't enjoy seaming, I do think it makes for a much better fitting sweater when it's knit in pieces. You are awesome and I know you can do this. Just take a big breath and plunge right in!

Well, grrl, just get right back on that knitting horse. You know you are capable of great things, but it's still summer and there are so many patterns to choose from, so I completely understand.

Pick a pattern you love, yarn you can't resist and jump in with both feet, needles in hand! I know you can do it...and I can't wait to see the result!

You can do it!!!! I believe. :)

Amy's work is incredible. I love how much she has given to the knitters! You're going to create a fantastic sweater!

Jump! If you don't, you'll never know.

Deep breaths. You know how to do it, and I believe that once you start your confidence will only grow... not that you won't wobble a bit. You are a smart, amazing and talented knitter, and I know you have lots of support.

I like seaming, but I don't like the thought of seaming! Does that make sense? I really hate thinking about it. Once I get started, though, it's almost thrilling. Knitting on circs is a challenge for me and I don't enjoy it, so I'm very happy that it works out that knitting in pieces actually results in a better sweater for me.

How well I know that angst! I still think the best advice for deciding on basic size and length is to measure an existing sweater that fits the way you like. Even if you don't have one that's perfect, one that's too big can be pinned to size.

With all the calculations and prep, it will still always be a bit of a crap shoot. As you know, even if you use all of the measurements from a sweater that's exactly perfect, it won't guarantee that your gauge will be so exact (or that the knitted fabric won't stretch/shrink when blocked or worn) that you get exactly the same results.

I agree with the knitting in pieces. It gives you much more control if you have any doubts about the sizing.

You just need to do it! The only way to get some confidence and sweep the doubt out the door is to persevere until you find success. Even if it means knitting a few pieces multiple times.

Go Margene Go! You are going to rock that sweater!

You know you can do this! You once knit 12 sweaters in one year, remember? I'm sure once you start, everything will come back to you.


I'm making one of Amy's sweaters now, too. But the one I chose is knit in the round up to the armholes. The sleeves are knit in the round, too. As I'm sure you guessed, I changed the pattern to knit the pieces flat.

Oh, I hear you, Margene! The only way past this moment of *block* is to just push on, slowly, at your comfortable pace, and your confidence will return. I have admired many, many of your sweaters. I know you have it in you.

You can do it and Amy's book and classes are great! Wait until she releases her Custom Fit program this fall- generating a pattern specifically to your own measurements and swatch. :-)

I can understand. First you have to pick a pattern, then a yarn, then a color you want ... it can be exhausting!

I look forward to watching you, and hopefully, working my own way through the process, soon.

have you heard Amy is beta-testing software (for a fall release) that will generate custom instructions to fit your measurements and gauge - in pieces! you have such better control over ALL the fit variables when you knit in pieces vs knitting flat. I can't wait to see what you tackle next - I'm sure it will be stunning...and fit beautifully!

Wow, I always supposed you were too good a knitter to suffer anxiety! I don't feel so bad about my own anxiety now. Thanks for sharing.

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