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August 15, 2013


Long bind-offs are a pain...but certainly more fun than long cast-on's, right? because you're almost finished - hope you get that hour this weekend to block so you can share the FO. it's going to be stunning!

Joji's Imagine When is on my radar. Love the asymmetry and eyelets.

oh, and I just flipped through Twist - I definitely think you're going to be tempted and my guess is by the wooly collection. Amy has a design or two, as well.

We are quickly headed for cashmere shawl weather!!!

Bind offs like that are epic. I just read the bind off instructions for Exuberance and now I'm thinking I may not finish before vacation after all. Oh well, it's all GOOD.

Your shawl is so pretty in my favorite red...and handspun...beautiful! I love Joji's shawl! That might have to go on my list to make.

I love that shape!

The new Twist came out last night -- it's cable heaven!

Fingers crossed you can get the bind-off done this week. can't wait to see the modeled shots! I've had Imagine When in my queue when it was first released and even have some Sundara though the FSM not the FMC.

I did not raise my hand, I knew you were knitting :)

I think you should dump Leftie and do something else with the yarn.

And as for "Sweet Dreams"? I expect to see it as a FO on Sunday.

I really like "Imagine When". Maybe I'll get around to it some year when I can actually knit.

beautiful, and twist is out today

Oh, it is so lovely, and seems such a great pairing with the handspun cashmere.

I'm sure Leftie will have its time soon enough (even though Twist is out now). I looked at kits for Leftie at SAFF last year and adored them, but put them back because I thought I might have trouble seeing it through. I love the colors for yours.

I know you still knit. Some days there is more time for it, and some days that time is for other things. xo

Oh my do I love that red. The bind of is just lovely too. I've been eyeing Imagine When also, looks delightful!

That is very lovely and very RED! I like the "basket of hope" idea. I need one of those for some of those long lingering projects.

I didn't raise my hand either! Oh, Margene! That shawl is a DREAM! The bind-off will be so worth it in the end. Can't wait to see it! (And Joji's shawl? A must have. . .)

Really lovely.

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