June is for Shawls
Day After Day

Last Night

At this moment I am...

Drinking... a lovely Dragonwell ice tea dressed with a lemon basil leaf from my garden.

Watching... the Peregrine falcon feed her chick (the baby is loud!). Only one egg hatched, which makes survival of this chick all the more important. It's near fledging age, maybe another week or so.

Reading...  The New Yorker Fiction issue the theme of which is crime. I can't turn away as many of the stories are compelling, funny and, even gruesome.

Kirsten's Mystery Shawl with lucious Lucent from The Woolen Rabbit. If I had any doubt about the color combination when I started it has faded as I knit. I may not finish clue #3 by the time the mystery is revealed on Friday, but I know Kirsten will end with a flourish!

Listening to...the reality is I have an ear worm of Jerry Garcia singing Sugaree and wish I had the album. The song has been in my head for two days, no matter how many other songs I play.

Eating... ripe lovely nectarines, which we bought on Sunday to grill for dessert. They were juicy, sweet, and delicious hot off the grill. Since we bought a box full we've been slicing them for our lunches, too.  

Thinking about... the garden and how well the green bean plants are growing, how good the tomato plants look, and wondering what to sow now that the lettuce has run its course. Smith does all the physical work, I just watch and sometimes harvest.


All good things, my friend.

How perfectly lovely. So much to whine about, but oh so much good.

Oh! The color combination on that shawl is just gorgeous! I love it! Can't wait to see it complete. Nothing like a satisfying mystery -- to read OR to knit.

(And I think Jerry Garcia ear worms are among the toughest to budge! Something about his music just stays and stays.)

I love nectarines - they seem a lot more reliably good than peaches. :)

A delightful evening! We went up to Snowbird for a lovely dinner at the Aerie.

We had iced tea on the deck last week, and Larry laughed when I plucked a sprig of peppermint off the plant next to me and threw it in my drink. He said it looked like I was putting weeds in it.

As for the earworm... try listening to the entire song a couple of times. Sounds counter-productive, but it often works.

Life is good...grilling nectarines...please tell me more!

Love your shawl colors. I am way behind, just cast on last night.

Those colors are fantastic. Can't wait to see it done.

You're drinking dragons? I wanna know please.


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