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The Longest Day

Friday was the longest day of the year, the beginning of summer, and I could not let it go without some sort of acknowledgement.The weather was excellent, which made my desire to be out of doors even stronger. The recipe to be out in the beauty of nature came together perfectly and the only thing left to do was to go up!


Thankfully we knew the upper elevation temperatures would be quite cool, maybe even cold (for me). I wore my parka and was glad for its warmth. We arrived at at Silver Lake around 8:00pm, just as the sun was slipping behind the highest peaks. The light was silvery, almost ethereal.

As we walked around we took in the scent of the forest, the beauty of the setting, along with the quiet nature of the lake. The lake is a true gem in the Wasatch Range, and very dear to us.

The silvery light made me realize just how silvery we were getting. We've been walking around Silver Lake for years, long before there were gray strands on our heads. We intend to walk around as long as our legs can carry us.


Since the snow levels this year were extremely below normal, the snow has been long gone from the lake, and the wild flower season has already begun. We saw white geraniums, and service berry flowers (like Cheryl's!). I have always wonder what the flowers and berries were and finally remembered to do some research. Now I know!


The bog orchids and elephant heads were just starting to bloom, with the orchids well in the lead. Shooting stars were also gracing the hillside.


A few of the Silver Lake iris were sending up buds and within the next couple of weeks will be in full flower. I hope to make it back to see this once a summer happening.


After our first time around we watched the moonrise and since the sky was still full of light and the moon barely up, we decided to go around again. Silver Lake is an easy mile around, and our favorite spot. I can't wait to return.


Silver Lake looks so different in the summer! (I still feel so lucky to have walked that trail with you in the fall!) What a beautiful way to spend a summer evening. (And . . . like the song says . . Shine on, Silver Girl!)

Thanks for taking us along with you on your evening walk. What a lovely way to spend the first evening of summer. And, yes, ma'dear, we are all getting silvery;-p

It is a beautiful spot and I feel so fortunate to have visited it with you. Some day I'd like to be there when the wildflowers are in bloom.

I love Silver Lake! Thanks for sharing it with me that first time. It's one of our favorite escapes when in SLC. Haven't tagged along on a business trip with John in a couple of years, so seeing your photos was a real treat. ~Tracy

Oh, hello you two!! What a wonderful photo... all of them, actually. And what a lovely visit to Silver Lake. Thank you!!

What a wonderful place . . . nice shawl too!

Beautiful shots, Margene. Thank you for sharing you evening walk. One of the days my family is going to have to build a Silver Lake visit into our drive through SLC.

So wonderful! I love the elephant heads. They are so cute.

I always enjoy the Silver Lake tour with you two. Just gorgeous!

That's a great picture of you and Smith together. I wish you many more happy and healthy years of walking around your special lake.

You wore a parka! That was my favorite part of the post. I could live somewhere where parka wearing happened most of the time. Lovely photos and you are pretty!

I need to move somewhere with upper elevations. I fear I may melt before this summer is through. Lovely pictures.

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