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June 24, 2013


Sounds like a lovely weekend. Our super moon was not visible due to rain clouds. I'm so glad you had a great weekend!!!!

Sounds like my kind of weekend - a bit of everything with the guy you love!

The aerial dance troupe with that beautiful library as their backdrop -- gorgeous! That must have been mesmerizing. Sounds like a good, busy, and fun weekend for my friend in Utah!

Sounds like a lovely time, and you couldn't ask for better weather.

It was a lovely weekend, and the Arts festival was great.

It sounds like a great weekend!

Sounds perfect Margene! We missed the moon on Saturday evening - cloud cover was too heavy. Still was a super weekend though!

Oh, that first picture is stunning!

We had too many clouds for moon watching.

Oh, Margene! What a perfect weekend in every way! So glad you got a chance to soak it all in . . . every single minute!

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