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June 12, 2013


That's my word for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday also.

And the answer is yes.

Stitch them on - they look perfect!!

This is one of those times where you have to Just Do It.

ha! that could be my word for today, too. I have ends to weave in and then a good soak and blocking. I promise myself a treat once it's done and that helps. good luck!

Perhaps it's the weather. . .

If you put them on you'll have another post! ;-)

Welcome to my world.

Because you can't wear it, so why do it? Besides, it's hot. The wool will stick to your skin. Aren't I a help?

You certainly are.

Ah well. You've been gardening, right? Not avoiding.

me too

I'd be waiting for fall. :)

But it's such a good word! Look at all of us who use it.

Been there ;-0

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