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June 11, 2013


There's so much . . . wonderful. . . in our lives! Thanks for sharing yours with us, Margene.

Oh, Lordy, grrrl. I love being a small part of your life. I find the heat is harder on me now. Any heat. After our drought last year, the humidity is harsh, but we have had a glorious verdant spring. Today is the first day we will be at 95. It's the middle of June. All is good.

Beautiful list!

Glad to hear that sweet Moxie is still doing OK. He's a love.

I'm afraid my greens are pretty much toast. The newer seedlings aren't really growing, and the rest had gotten pretty bitter. The pea pods are starting to fill in, but they'll probably end up being bitter too, with all of this heat.

We are fortunate folk aren't we? Moxie's looking good Margene - 15 is pretty spectacular!

Must comment! Do you use your garlic scapes??? Tell me to shut up if you already know... but we LOVE putting them through a food processor with butter and making garlic scape butter. I freeze it and use it all year on veggies, or melted over steaks or or or YUM!

Other than overexerting yourself, it sounds like things have been very very good. :)

Awww - look at Moxie! I agree with the invention of the Ipod/Iphone/Ipad. I would be lost without my "I's".

I love seeing that picture of Moxie - such a happy little dog and he does indeed bounce! You made a great list right here, grrrlfriend.

Moxie is just adorable! We have a 16-year-old cat and I agree completely that every day we get with him is a gift.

I-pods, friends and happy times, trying new things, gardens and pets, love it.

I've always enjoyed your blog, though I did read infrequently and commented even less. But the Ten on Tuesdays has me reading more blogs, and yours is such a pleasure! Your doggie looks like such a sweetie! His good health is a sign of good owners!

Aww, I love seeing Moxie!!!
You are so loved for your voice here Margene!
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and being an inspiration. I especially look at your book list and enjoy reading what you liked. Recently I listened to a recorded book of The Round House, because of your star rating, and it was wonderful. More than once I have knit something because I admired your version of it.

that's a wonderful list...except for that dry heat and the garden, I was fortunate last week to enjoy many of those same gifts myself last week. thank you for sharing!

Wonderful list. It's easy to forget gratitude at times. The picture of your pup is adorable. Technology, particularly my smartphone, has really been a blessing. Having the perfect map at my fingertips has been a boon in my travels. Ah shawls. I just gifted my finished Beach Glass to my mother last night. And thank you for your sky pics, knitting and reading inspiration, and GF support.

i love my shawls this time of year too ! and my ipod at all times ;). and my doggie too lol
oh and garlic! - how i love garlic <3
garlic and ipiods and knitting didnt make my grateful list but should have lol

Your list makes me feel grateful, too -- what more could you ask for in a reader response? Thanks!

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