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June 04, 2013


you're not the only one who's not a fan of ice cream! I'd much rather have fresh fruits and vegetables - and yours look delicious!! (ps. also love the new banner - stunning shapes, colors and shadows!)

Great garden! You are way ahead of us. My containers on my deck are full with spinach and lettuces. We'll be eating salad for lunches and dinners at this rate and sharing with others. :-) I have a community garden plot now- 20'x20' which is slowly getting planted. Now that the heat wave is over, I'll be getting more flower and veggie transplants in this week. Watering is via hand pump and watering cans. I have 10 sunflowers that sprouted from seeds from last year. I am told this variety grows to 12 feet. Maybe we'll be entering a few at the town fair this fall.

Our garden is far, far behind! The broccoli looks so good!!

Lovely gardens! I prefer fresh fruits and veggies most of the year anyway. Except Girl Scout Cookies. Those things will take me down any time. :D

I'm with you Margene. I've never been an ice cream fan, though I do enjoy a fruit sorbet. My oldest girl makes ice cream with coconut milk for her dad and me who are both dairy free. Strawberry-balsamic is worth trying!

We just harvested our lettuce, but our broccoli is woefully behind yours. We've hilled the potatoes and they look very promising. Happy Tuesday, Margene.

Add avocado pieces, sunflower seeds (salted, roasted...or not) to the salad. YUM. I envy your lovely broccoli.

We have broccoli and tomatoes growing in our garden!

No garden, but maybe it's time to hit the farmer's market this weekend...

Isn't fresh broccoli amazing? It doesn't taste anything like store-bought. I'm so glad your garden is doing so well. Any garlic scapes yet?

Oh my that broccoli looks amazing! For the salad, one of my favorites is toasted slivered almonds, orange segments, thin slices of a sweet red onion and then a slightly sweet dressing, like blueberry vinegarette- sound good?

I have no garden but our first CSA pick up is this week and we're getting lettuce, among other things. Hooray for fresh and locally grown veggies!

Yum! I'm not an ice-cream eater either - but that fresh broccoli sure looks good!

I do like ice cream, but only on occasion. Your garden harvest looks delicious!

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