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June is for Shawls

My procrastination is born of the lack of necessity. The need for Chicane is far into the future and, as summer heats up, the desire to show her off has waned. (We'll talk about fit issues at another time.) Let's talk about the other desire that has taken over my knitting time, the desire for lace, for beads, for red, and something to top it off nicely...a little mystery.


My attention is taken by two beautiful designs made of two beautiful yarns. I am completely enamored of Cookie's fine handspun, as I knit it into a lacy, exquisite shawl. It is a slow process. Beads need to be placed as I knit across the row, which means, I stop, pick up a crochet hook, insert it into a bead, pick up the yarn, and slip it through the hole in the bead, then set down the hook, and (at last) knit the stitch. The resulting effect is worth the time. Overall the beads will shimmer and an elegant shawl will come to life.

The lace section has just begun, there are many, many more rows to come. Be patient, my sweets, as the end result should be stunning.


Perfect knitting...lace, red yarn and beads. :D

Oh, lovely! I always feel the pull of lace in the summer months. Your red shawl will be stunning . . . and so worth the time for every bead!

I really need to buy some red yarn. I've been seeing all of these lovely projects in red all over the place.

That's a fabulous shade of red!

Lovely!! Oooh, I can't wait to see the lace. I haven't knit in days... don't remember exactly where I was/what I was working on before being consumed by The Wedding! (Oh yeah, I still have some sachets to sew up... didn't quite make the deadline.)

This will be such a lovely piece! And just doesn't get any better than that.

It's already mighty gorgeous. And, my Dear, you deserve a beaded cashmere shawl. It's Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's going to be a stunner. Love your little strawberry blossom in the background, too.

Gorgeous color!

beginning lace sections is one of my favorite things ever :) Gorgeous color of yarn and lovely photography!

It will be fabulous.

Cashmere silk. Hello!

Beyond stunning - it's already beautiful and you are barely there!

It sounds like you are enjoying the process!

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