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June 05, 2013


The buttons are perfect!


The buttons really are perfect!!

Looks fantastic, maybe you can do a photoshoot up the canyons?

Love love love those buttons. I so would have just left the buttonholes on the wrong side;-p And, model that thing in a/c please!!!!

I have button troubles when I put them on. I LOVE your sweater and congrats on a great finish.

Very nice, indeed.

Nice choice Margene! Looking forward to seeing the FO!

I hate knitting buttonholes and I've screwed it up plenty of times, too. I worry about my own ability to think sometimes! I love the ones you chose, they match perfectly.

I usually put the buttons on the wrong side and only discover once the knit is off the needles blocked and worn. When i go to button up....yep then it dawns on me. Lovely buttons and they go perfectly with your knit.

Great buttons! And ... well . . . I feel your pain when it comes to button bands/button holes. (Remember -- I had to make 22 buttonholes to get 7 buttonholes on my last cardigan!) :-)

You may need it when the super-air-conditioning season starts.

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