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April 10, 2013


Looks like a great walk! I love violets and when I was a little girl I always picked a bouquet of them for my mom when I saw them.

Oh, thanks for sharing your walk, Margene. What a lovely day --- You haz a SPRING going on! Isn't it marvelous when someone leaves a treasure to delight . . . like those sand balls! So cool.

(Count me as another fan of violets! Such dear little blossoms. They always bring a smile.)

I miss Walk with Me Wednesdays. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. Do you get Spring Beauties? Those are tiny white flowers in the grass. If you use a Weed and Feed product, it kills them. I have a front yard full of them right now. They'll be gone in a week. And, I agree. Sand filled balls make a lovely art statement.

Thanks for sharing your walk with us! On my daily walks I try to find something I didn't notice before; that way I look around and up not down and enjoy my walk more.

It looks like you missed the nasty weather we've been getting. It was 0 when I got up this morning and the ground is covered with snow. Thanks for proof that it's spring somewhere.

Makes me want to lace on my walking shoes,

Lovely! I like the sand balls too!

The balls of sand are cool!

Jealous of your spring - we could get 8+ inches of snow tonight.

Oh, looks like a beautiful day to take a walk!!

I love the sand balls! There's something I don't get to say every day. *L*

Love the violets, too. I wish I had good luck with them. Instead I am blessed with the gift of palms, which isn't much of a gift when you think about it. ;^)

Count me in too, as loving those balls of sand.

I have masses of violets. They spread like crazy.

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