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April 15, 2013


How exciting -- for both Smith and the kids! I can just picture the garden . . . teeming with enthusiastic young gardeners. What fun!

Spring is taking her time here, as well. In fact, I'd say she's rather late. . .

What a cool guy. Gardening is so empowering. I love it. Just putting my hands in the dirt makes me happy. And, your sky? My mother called it a buttermilk sky and she said it was a portent of a change in the weather. We get them here in the flatlands, but our pattern isn't quite so tidy;-p

Yay, Smith! :)

There are more snowflakes in our forecast this week. *sigh* Yesterday's high was 25F less than the average high and 40F less than last year's high for the date!

Will look forward to seeing that view of the garden in a few months! ;)

After overnight rain and a very foggy morning, the sun is out (I don't even care that it's blinding me right now) and the target temp is in the mid-50s! Woo!!

I love that children are getting involved in gardening--so many benefits! Thanks to Smith for helping.

I need to come see how the garden is going. But not until it gets warmer and drier. Brrrr.

I cannot wait to plant my chives...maybe this week!!!!

Oh spring, so late this year

Yay for kids growing things!
We got snow again too. The farmers are starting to get anxious...

I love the idea of a community garden. I'd be happy with a tomato plant in a pot on my deck, but Laramie isn't always conducive to gardening...

These are the stories we love to hear! Go Smith Go! And spring...what is that you speak of?

One of my coworkers works for a company that does "backyard gardening." They're hired to plan and manage gardens in other people's back yards. They do what's called square foot gardening. Have you ever heard of that? I think it's an interesting concept.

What an amazing sky!

Smith is the pied piper of your community garden!

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