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March 12, 2013


So PERFECT for you! Red + Ragtops = WIN

Oddly familiar.

Great mitts and the perfect color for you!

Nice, bright, happy red!

I love red, too, and those remind me of the Ragtops you knit for me!

Aww, I adore red, but think you should give some love to green simply because, in my opinion, it would look good on you!

Beautiful Red Ragtops! I love ragtops and the red is perfect! So very cheery!

Totally agree on the green thing...tho' I'm trying to wear something for St Patrick's day, as I'm tired of getting pinched (it will be heavily countered with black so it might just work!). But those red mitts? WOW! They're gorgeous and perfect for you...how very sweet of Cindy!

I do love green in all things (even yarn), but those red mitts are perfect! They'll make brisk morning walks a little brighter.

You're haunted by green and I'm haunted by rabbits :-D *sigh* I'm glad it's compliment found you. Those look like fabulously squishy companions for an early morning walk!

what a great interpretation of the ToT topic...love those mitts and that great color. (happy birthday!)

Happy early birthday! And those are gorgeous mitts - very you!

How neat, and definitely your color :-)

Sweet and cheery for the end of winter! Happy Birthday a few days early Margene! You are still one of my favorite bloggers and I really appreciate your sharing and inspiring heart!


You will probably be out and about sans computer tomorrow (being the big day and all) so Happy Birthday, grrlfriend! I'm so glad you like your mitts.

Love my Ragtops -- it's all I've been wearing this winter! (Obviously, I'm not in charge of the outdoor winter chores around here.) LOVE THEM!

Gorgeous mitts...and a happy birthday to you!

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