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March 01, 2013


That sweater looks fascinating. Is that the arm/shoulder join?

Chicane looks blue against the rocks. I hope you get your warm up and sunshine. It's amazing how much that helps and I hope to find out myself someday soon;-p Have a wonderful weekend. Have fun and get some serious relaxation in there, too. IT problems are so stressful!

Computer problems at work are a major pain, glad all is well again. I have daffodil shoots - hooray!

I'm just so happy to be writing 3-1-13 today! It appears to be coming in like a lamb (though there's a bit of snow flying around), but it could come in like anything and I'd be fine. ;)

Happy weekend, Margene!

You and my mother both shared the misery of no computer for a few days. At least she wasn't tied to a desk for hours.

So far our changes have been colder and more snow (though not a lot so far). Computer problems are never good - must be something going around ;)

It's amazing how quickly we begin to feel disconnected, isn't it?! I hope you and Smith have a lovely weekend.

I promise spring really is coming. Whether we're ready or not. No, not all hearts warm and that's for the best. ;^) Knitting looks lovely and I am so glad you're back online. It's just not the same without you.

Ahhh. March. At last! Angle of Repose is up next on my reading list! It is one of my favorite books ever . . . and I decided to treat myself to a re-read after the slog I'm putting myself through right now (with The Children's Book). Can't wait to see the sleeve.

Angle of Repose is in my pile; a student gave it to me as a gift and I've yet to turn a page! I'm enjoying the Audible How to be an American Housewife right now - as I tink back thirteen rows of lace - ARG!

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