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Happy Birthday, Margene! Enjoy your day!

Lovely! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday dear Margene! I wish I was there to celebrate with you but I will toast you across the miles! *clink*

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Margene! Hope you have a fun-filled day!

So much happy to you! You deserve every moment, and are so so smart to be taking it.

Mazal tov, all the best.
Happy birthday and many happy returns.

Wishing you great weather and a Beautiful Birthday. Maybe something tasty to celebrate with too.

Happy Birthday, Margene!! You deserve all the best!

Happy Birthday Margene! Have a fabulous day!!!

Happy Birthday Friend! Looks like you will have a wonderful day. Your mountain looks beautiful.

Happy Birthday. Don't overdo it up there again...so you can walk tomorrow.

Happy Birthday! May you celebrate with daffodils (grown somewhere else)!

Yay! Happy Birthday, Margene! XO

Happy Birthday! A hike is a great way to spend your special day. Have fun.

Happy Birthday Margene! Have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday dear Margene! A beautiful day is my wish for you.

Have a very happy birthday, Margene!

Happy Birthday Margene! What a beautiful day! Wishing you the best!

A perfect day for it - hopefully it won't be mushy! HB!!!

Happy, happy day!

Happy Birthday, Margene!

Best Birthday Wishes to you!!! :)

Happy Birthday, Margene! xoxox

Happy birthday!

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