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February 21, 2013


Margene...this is going to be so pretty!!

That is the coolest thing ever!

Oh wow, that *is* cool! And probably much more anatomical, too.

That is soooo cool. And, what a pleasant surprise;-p

Very cool construction and I giggled at your initial non-plussed take on the number of cast on sts for the sleeves. I would have done the same. :-) Can't wait to see this sweater on you. It's going to look great!

Very cool!!

I think it's going to be a great sweater.

Very interesting sweater - it will look stunning on you!

Oh, she's a tricksy one, she is, that CookieA. :)

OMG! Now I must make that (as soon as I finish my current project...)

I love the color you chose!

Nothing like a challenge to keep a grrl on her toes. ;^)

Now that is COOL! And . . . I bet it will make the sleeves much more fun and interesting than, well. . . sleeves usually are. (And that's always a big plus for me!)

That's pretty cool. And hopefully will make knitting the sleeves less of a slog.

"something up her sleeve" hee hee
It will be beautiful!

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