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This isn't the first place you've heard about the Winter Solstice and it won't be the last. There should be a beautiful picture of lights, or candles, or a sunrise or something else denoting the longest night and the shortest day, but yesterday worklife ran over me with its truck. The truck will likely back up and do the job again today, but I digress. Even without the aid of a glorious picture, I will share my thoughts on this day.

After the events of Friday last, there seems to be little peace and joy in our world. The unspeakable evil that descended on Newtown has brought sorrow and heaviness to every heart. Many of us feel the need to DO something--for the children, for the town, but you may feel there is little you can do. You may feel frozen by the deep sorrow around you, but we need to do anything we can to bring peace and joy into the lives of others. Reach out and do just one something, one random act of loveliness.

On this, the shortest day, in the honor of a child, I ask you to follow in the footsteps of many, many other participants and reach out in just one random act of love. Give something of yourself to another person. Do it rashly, out of the blue, perhaps by slowing to allow in a car who has trying to turn out into traffic, by opening a door for the person behind you and giving them a warm smile, pay for someones lunch, or buy the drink for the person in line behind you. Just DO something kind, give a little of yourself. Be the best you can be, keep love in your heart over the next week (and always). Go into the New Year in peace and love. Give yourself this gift. May your Solstice be bright.

If you like, report your simple act of kindness here. This isn't a brag sheet but a way of sharing how many of us have within the ability to give, to share, and to love.  We can change the world, one person at a time.


Thanks for the reminder of the solstice amongst all the apocalyptic madness.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

Let there be light!

Nice challenge. I accept.

I had a UPS delivery yesterday (dye for a project), and since my driveway closely resembles a luge track, I moved vehicles around so he could turn around (he backed out anyway). But I had a small back of cookies that I gave him, and he said it made his day! I live way out in the country on a dirt road. I can't imagine being on the Christmas rush schedule they are in the midst of now, along with the snow, ice and general ickiness of the weather. I just wanted to let him know that I really appreciate him!

Beautifully said, my dear friend.

Another idea--just a big smile for someone who looks grumpy or tired or ugly or old or disabled. Love the notion of simple courtesies that brighten someone's day! Happy Solistice and let there be love and light.

Absolutely perfect.
Life is good.

Amen grrlfriend.

I do try to do that every day. I fail miserably sometimes, but just making the effort and living in that moment makes my life better.

Thank you for being a source of hope and optimism.


...and this is why I love you. xoxo

That's kind of the conclusion I reached, too. I felt just sick and sad and lost and wanted to do something and then felt powerless in the face of it all. Then I knew that could not be an excuse to do nothing, and that if I want less ugliness in the world I should look at what I am doing and saying. xoxo

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