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November 16, 2012


I love watching the blooms come forth . . . especially in winter!

They are so much fun to watch. I should pick one up this weekend.

Oooh fun! Keep us up to date, will you?

Mine finally gave up the ghost after 2 years of leaves only and yesterday it went into the compost bin. Time to go out and get another one. Thanks for the reminder.

Go, Vanessa! :)

A bud already? Yes, Vanessa looks like an early bloomer.

You know the old expression, a watched phone doesn't ring -- does the same hold true for a plant??

A yule treat! And there will still be time for another amaryllis yet this winter.

Oh, she will delight!

Is this the same one you had last winter? I can't get them to bloom again. Of course, I'm sure it's because I forget about them and leave them outside all summer long and let them stay leafed out. doh.

I love it! I've been seeing them for sale and couldn't believe they were out so early. I guess I need to get over that now, huh? ;^)

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