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November 05, 2012


Ah. The truth of the gauge swatch! I love Breckon. It's going to be beautiful -- and worth the swatching and selecting.

It's been ages since I've knit a sweater but there isn't one in my future, at least not for a while. I was thinking that swatch looked a little loose, hoping going down a needle size will give you the right results.

I just took a look at the pattern, Breton, what a beautiful sweater. With the colder weather setting in, sweater mojo is striking here too. lol! So nice to wake up to a new post, Margene!

I hope you will be able to use that yarn. I think it would be stunning in that pattern. We'll just see, huh?

That is a beautiful sweater!! I may join you in making that one.

I'm sure you'll figure out the right sweater/yarn combo.

My sweater mojo is lacking. But, I could use some sweaters. Hmmm.

love Brockton, but I too am struggling with sweater mojo. I have a beautiful sportweight yarn that might work well for that pattern. Maybe for the first time in recorded history, I will actually do a "whole nine yards" swatch complete with washing, blocking, etc.

Gorgeous yarn - if nothing else, that's a damn fine-looking swatch. :)

That sweater will look super on you!

You can always think how much more focused than me you are on knitting! ;)

Ooooh, I love the sweater! Just think, if you have to purchase yarn to make it you will have TWO beautiful sweaters!

Oh-oh. I think you just started a run on Breckon patterns! That is one handsome sweater!

The journey of a sweater starts with a swatch. Or two. ;^)

Breckon is gorgeous!

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