Going For It
Quiet Sunday


Is that a problem? Is being sky-obsessed something I should be worrying about? Nah. I love the sky, too. That's why I can't cover my deck. I need my sky!

Nope, just an unabiding love for the ever changing sky and cloud landscape. Love them. Keep them coming. One can never get tired of them.

I never get tired of seeing your sky photos! Your surroundings are very different from mine and I truly enjoy seeing yours! Thanks Margene! I'm enjoying seeing a post everyday too (((hugs)))

If it's an obsession, then I say it's a magnificent obsession!! I never tire of the sky -- and take more than a few photos of it myself.

Perhaps. But it's a very healthy obsession.

Nope - it's called being a photographer. ;)

So much better than being jaded, and ignoring that view!

People have been watching the sky for thousands of years. I see you as being one in a long line of sky watchers.

If you're obsessed, I am so happy! I love looking at your sky pictures - they change continually but are always beautiful. Unfortunately here it's mostly grayish and cloudy, esp this time of the year. Please don't stop sending us lovely skies to look at.

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