The End is a New Beginning
Saturday Night

Saturday Sky Resurrected

A few years ago Sandy (no longer a blogger) had the idea to post pictures of her sky on Saturdays. She thought Blogland was a a little too quiet on the weekends. So, here's to Sandy and her lovely idea! Thank you, Sandy!

November 1st Sunrise

You may have noticed the NaBloPoMo tag on my posts (so far) this month. Once again, I have been lured by several friends and have decided to join in with a month of daily posts.  Perhaps the need to think ahead, plan posts and pictures, will bring back my blog voice.


I love the idea of a Month of Margene!

What a treat! Sky AND Margene!


Beauriful, Beautiful sky!! You know, I still miss BEING a blogger! xo

So pretty. I'm so glad nobody suggested I do that. Lordy, one sentence posts would suck;-P Happy Saturday!

Those blues! Oh, so lovely!

Gorgeous! My sky is not very pretty right now, but maybe at sunset. We'll see. Hope you are having a great Saturday! xoxo

Beautiful sky photo!

Thanks for the beautiful start to my Saturday.

I'm so glad that some of my favorite bloggers are going to try to post for a whole month! Something to look forward to each day in what can be a dreary month.

Gorgeous sky!

It won't end up being a month of "Sunday Sky", "Monday Sky", etc, will it? ;)

I've so missed Sandy's Saturday Sky pictures. I hope you pick up the tradition. Maybe I'll join you... :D

Love the sky. Sorry you gave up the "Sky" scarf. Perhaps you could revisit it by taking the photos from this year and pulling out the colors and doing a random color generator like rolling die with a different pattern. Just saying I liked the idea, even though the execution didn't happen.

Beautiful sky!

I always think of our Sandy when posting sky photos. Good luck with the blogging. I do think it's a wonderful way to work those blogging muscles. ;^)

You really have the best eye for photos. That is amazing.

Always a favorite. I can't photograph the sky on any day of the week without thinking of Our Sandy!

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