Saturday Sky Resurrected
No Sweat(er)


Yummm! What kind of fish did they have yesterday?

Dang, that even looks good at 7:15 in the morning!

The iced tea is exceptional there. . . although the beer would be yummy, too! Mmmmm. Love fish tacos!!!


You definitely can't go wrong with the iced tea.

Good news Margene! A small brewery here in Pittsburgh has started brewing GF beer. I remember one of the ingredients they used was Quinoa. But there are several other kinds! There's certainly a market for it! :)

yum. :) we just happened to make fish tacos for dinner last night.

i'm sure one of these days someone will manage to come up with GF beer.

That is one of my most favorite places to eat!!! I am addicted to their steak tacos.

Oh my...

I saw GF beer in our grocer's gourmet beer case. Think it was barley beer. It's definitely out there.

Mmm... Lone Star!

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