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November 21, 2012


I bet you will pick up speed now that you're at the lace rows. I can't wait to see more! That's the same color I'm using for my November socks and it's a rich, beautiful brown.

Exactly what I was thinking. . . (about the "why do I do this," that is). Some things are just a pleasure to knit, and I'm thinking your shawl falls into that category. Such a beautiful, lovely project.

Quill is a lovely lump of chocolate right now and isn't it fun when the process is so enjoyable? I will slog on a knit, but only if the result is worth it;-P I'll check in tomorrow to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! And, dearheart, I have absolutely no idea why you signed on for the daily blogs, but I'm glad you did!!!

oh my, is that a tip that will go down in my handy dandy book of things to never forget - its like one of those aha moments - thanks for sharing -

It's a beautiful lump of chocolate. The yarn is so gorgeous - it's a shame it's discontinued.

What a GREAT idea to do that cast-on on a cord! So pretty, that brown.

That's my kind of chocolate. Loved the chocolate in your Stripe Study that you were working on when I stopped in last year, so rich and full of depth. So glad you do post, nice to get to view SLC from a distance at least. Wishing you and yours a very pleasant Thanksgiving.

Woo-hoo! Picking up those 380+ stitches is a lot of progress! I hope the rest of this knit is enjoyable! xoxo

Yay for unexpectedly not having to deal with waste yarn! :D

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Oh that looks so yummy!!

I sure wish I would remember that tip! Guess what is on the opposite side of Volt? Lots and lots of provisional stitches.

It will be beautiful when you are done.

Yummy chocolate!

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