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It's Sunday evening and we're watching The Dust Bowl by Ken Burns on PBS. Smith and I are astounded 20 minutes into the show. Since I'd rather watch the pictures than post to the blog I'll keep this short. To appease you're need for a picture here are the mums I purchased for our Thanksgiving centerpiece. I'd love to hear what you have planned for Thanksgiving! Family? Friends? Both? Movie? Football? FOOD!?



Those mums are beautiful! We'll be going to our friend's house for dinner, like we always do. And I'll be bringing the pies, like I always do. It's a fine tradition we've got going on. The Pats are playing on Thanksgiving night so there will definitely be football, too!

The mums are gorgeous... green and cool and vibrant.

Friends are coming from upstate NY and VT. Haven't seen them since their now 13 yr old was 3 or so. Kiddo emailed on the sly to note her dad is trying to avoid wheat but didn't want to make a fuss.

I told her "guess what", DH is also avoiding wheat, gluten, and a bunch of other stuff as he tries to get his gut back into shape after a nasty bout of giardia and the drugs to treat it.

No TV, so no football. A sadness for me, but nobody else seems to mind here.

Also invited neighbors and another friend... I asked them to bring desserts. This year I'll be making a g-f cornbread (tonight or tomorrow) for stuffing... a first.

Thanksgiving at my house. ALL of my family, plus a few extras. Tom does the turkey and the gravy, my mom and I do the rest. (Tom is also in charge of clean-up.) Afterward, we play games and "the grrls" build gingerbread houses. I love Thanksgiving!

We always gather at my sister's house...a table surrounded by family and friends. We all help with the meal and I always make the pies. Wishing you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I have requested the book from the library and am about 200 on a list of over 600. I no longer am able to get our PBS station due to being in a dead space, so I can't watch it (so disappointed). Thanksgiving is a big family event and we begin each one with sharing one thing we are grateful for. Hugs, dumplin' and happy short week!!!

Ordered a meal from Whole Foods, to be picked up Wednesday and reheated. Did it because had sore elbow; two days into treatment developed total body rash as allergy response to new med. 5 days later, still the big red blob...so grateful that Thanksgiving dinner will just need to be heated, and that no one other than youngest daughter's family is coming. They can see me in a big ol' mumu!

Everything but football.

we are having a "horde" - 17 to 20 - and I am cooking - looking forward to resting the day after

We'll gather at my brother's house, as usual. His family will make turkey, fried rice and bok choy. I'm bringing homemade apple pie. I'm hoping my sister and Mom will be there, as they've been moving Mom across country this last week and a half. And other friends and family, too! It's always a good crowd with good eats!

Happy Thanksgiving!

You should read The Worst Hard Time by Tim Egan. It is fascinating. I think Burns uses the author as a talking head in the documentary. Another good book about the farming struggles in the west is Bad Land by Jonathan Raban.

Family and food. :)

Mom and I watched that documentary, too. Halfway through, after my spending over an hour saying "I know Timothy Egan from somewhere," I realized I had his BOOK about the dust bowl on my Kindle and just hadn't gotten around to reading it yet!

None of the above. :p

Lovely mums.

It's a quiet foursome at my place. I like it when it's only us because I know in not too many more years we'll be adding some boys to our celebrations. We have a fun tradition of watching the Purina Dog Show and working on a jigsaw puzzle.

I think it's going to be only me, my girls, and the two soon-to-be additions to the family on Thanksgiving Day for a sort of unconstructed and fun meal -- with a nod to tradition. We'll go the more traditional route with more of the family on Sunday. Can one be too thankful? I don't think so. Especially when there's pie (or something very pie-like and dare I say possibly even better?).

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