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I Am, Afterall

Picked yesterday, the last of the broccoli from our garden.

Over the last couple of weeks I've tried to put together a post about being Thankful, about being full of Gratitude, for all that I have. All my thoughts have felt flat, trite, simplistic, and quite boringly normal. Who isn't grateful for family and friends, for a roof over their heads, and money coming in? BUT, I realize, I AM GRATEFUL,very THANKFUL for just that...

1. Every breath I take, the gift of life.

2. A roof over my head...with onely one income this is a big one.

3. The food we eat, whether homegrown, or purchased, we are fortunate enough to afford nice meals.

4. A car to drive, even though it is far, far from glamourous.

5. Friends who love and support, encourage and care. They are worth their weight in gold.

6. A large and wonderful family, even though we are spread far and wide.

7. Coats, clothes, shoes...even a few new items of late.

8. A job; a good means of making a dollar, and a commute that's 5 minutes long.

9. A caring, hard working hubby, an old and sweet as pie doggy...they are family.

10. I was fortunate to be born in this time, this place, this family, where I have never really known want of basics.

For Carole's Ten on Tuesday


I know what you mean - we talk about it every year and we often repeat the same things but it's still important to acknowledge and recognize all that we have. I am grateful for you and your friendship, my dear.

Well said, dear friend. We are truly blessed in every way. I'm trying hard to live in a state of daily gratitude. I can always find something to whine about, but why? I have so much good in my life. Now, to pass it on. And, we have another thing to be grateful for today, only two more working days this week!

It's overwhelming . . . how much we have to be thankful FOR. . . isn't it? What a beautiful list. We have so much! (And I am particularly thankful to have you in my life, Margene! Thank you.)

(I am also in awe that you're still getting broccoli! How cool is that????)

Being thankful for having enough makes us realize just how much we have! Your broccoli looks so good!


A wonderful list.

Happy Thanksgiving Margene!

I'm grateful for you and Smith!

You always say it so very well!

I felt the same way as you first stated when I started my list...but at the end of the day it IS what is most important. It's always a pleasure to stop by!

Great list -happy TOT!

Wonderful list. :) May you and Smith have a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Margene and Smith too. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and have been so inspired by you, the knitter, the photographer, the gardener, the blogger....getting to know you has enriched my life. Thank you!

Not trite when one contemplates the absence of all or part of that. And how tenuous any of it can be. You are eloquent. Happy turkey to you and Smith!

Beautifully said, Margene. Happy thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all the smart, creative women I've "met" in blog land!

Wonderful, wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, the lists often seem so simple, and of course we are thankful, but taking the time to sit with it and feel the gratitude and appreciation and what it all means makes such a difference. I'm thankful for you, Margene! xoxoxo

It's too easy to take the "boring" "normal" stuff for granted. To me, it is exactly why we have Thanksgiving.

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