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November 13, 2012


Margene - one of the Scouts in my Troop did a Food Pantry project and we all learned how important it is to give... especially in the summer when most of the organizations are on vacations and supplies often dwindle. It's been many years since that project, but we always give now, trying to remember how important it is to help others. Thanks for the reminder!

I love you for doing this and you are SO right about giving year round. Our shelves get so depleted in the summer and it's hard to turn people away.

Thanks for the most excellent reminders, Margene. Hunger and food insecurity are NOT seasonal issues. Give. Give often. Give more.

Amen, Sistah! Our church has an offering every Sunday (as do most) and included in our offerings are Food Pantry items. It is so neat to see the kids carrying up grocery bags of food for those who are so desperate for help. Boxed mac n cheese is also a huge hit, as is peanut butter. Our Food Pantry also needs cereal all the time.

I'll do it!

Haha, soup box. Love that. Thanks for all the great ideas, Margene!

Thanks for the reminder - I have some stuff that needs to get to my office this week for our food drive.

Great reminder to watch those expiration dates.

I like the check idea too! For me it would be much easier to find a mailbox than to make my way to the food bank itself. Thank-you Margene!

I always look this time of year for a place to give a donation to. This year it will be the Red Cross and our local food bank....thank you to you and Carole for sharing!

Good points - and thanks for the reminder to donate to the food bank.

Very well put!

I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but giving money makes so much sense. Your suggestions are great! xo

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