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November 06, 2012


Oh, Margene! Your knitting-brain sounds just like mine! I'm knitting away on my cardigan, and dabbling in my Leftie now and again, but there are SO many lovely ideas swarming in the knitting-queue-in-my-brain! So. Tempting.

Wise, as ever!

That's a lot of linking and patterns you've got going on there! I mostly stay out of the Ravelry forums but my friend's activity often leads to things being queued. How many leaves of your leftie are done? I'm up to 15, I think, and those rows are starting to get LONG.

You are so disciplined! I want to fall off my wagon, but know that my psychic weight will increase. I wish I had your focus.

You stay tough, Grrl. Try not to avert your eyes from the main projects. It's so easy to get distracted;-D

Everything you're "not knitting" would make a great wardrobe together. :-)
I've marked Boo's shawls so I can find them again on Ravelry. Hard to say I'll knit them all as I'm fighting tendonitis in my elbow, but when I'm better...

That's a beautiful RED. I think you need to knit more red. ;-D

I think there's something about cooler fall weather that kicks startitis into high gear.

Oh, my, those are all VERY inspiring. So beautiful!!

Oh, that red is luscious!

Oy..your brain is sounding very much like mine! So many tempting projects begging to be knit, but I am trying really really hard to stay true to the 2 projects on my needles, but there is this new sweater that Julia just designed that is really trying to make be be unfaithful. It's soooo hard, isn't it?

Oh Margene, I wish I hadn't come upon this...more distraction! :-)

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