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Breckon Beckons

The new swatch for Breckon sits before me. At this gauge the fabric has a silken, rustic feel and, although it isn't quite soft enough to be worn against the skin, it has an elegant hand. Count me thrilled. 

My imagination isn't quite as active as Terry's, but I do envision wearing this sweater for many years. I just need to get past the 4" of 1x1 ribbing that starts the sleeve.

Amy Christorffers has the pattern start with the sleeves, which isn't a bad tactic. While I'm not one who frets over the knitting of sleeves, the easier part of the sweater will left to do after the sleeves are out of the way.  I like the idea and will give it a try.

First, I must tackle the 4 inches of 1x1 rib.


That's going to be a handsome sweater. The sleeve ribbing will go faster than you think!

The next time I knit a sweater I'm going to start with the sleeves. It's what all the cool kids do!

I always start with the sleeves. . . because. . . gauge swatch! And then, of course, the sleeves are finished right from the start, and that's a good feeling all the way through the knitting. As for the ribbing. . . I bet it will go faster than you think! It's going to be lovely.

I do love that swatch. It will be a gorgeous sweater. Happy Thursday, grrlfriend!

That's a beautiful sweater, Margene! Ribbing is the one thing that makes my wrists scream these days -- take your time. If you can. ;)

Margene, do you knit continental? Ribbing of any kind is much easier holding the yarn in the left hand. There is very little stress and yarn movement to change from back to front stitches. Peaceful knitting.......

Wow! Are you using the Brooklyn Tweed Loft? i agree with the commenter who said ribbing is easier when you knit continental. Brecken is just beautiful--I fell in love with it when it came out, but have some UFO's to take care of before tackling it!

I love how your swatch looks and feels. It's a beautiful pattern - I'm very excited to see how it works up.

The blue of the coffee cup is perfect! (Hi, random!)

I can't say that fast four times.

That sweater will be well worth the ribbing. I'm sure of it. Can you think of the ribbing as a mediation? Might help a bit.

Looks like a beauty! I get your 1 x 1 pain. Sooooo epic.

I always do my sleeves first. Kind of like a big test swatch. Looks gorgeous.

That sweater is beautiful. I hope it is all working well and you are past the ribbing. xo

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