Breckon Beckons

Bag Lady Extraordinaire

If you knit, it's very likely you're a collector of knitting accessories. Every knitter has a favorite etui, something handy to carry needles, markers and other small items, which are often needed. We knitters like to be prepared.  Knitters also need something to carry, and contain, the accoutrements and projects, which is oft referred to as "a bag". A knitting bag can be as simple as brown paper, a reusable grocery sack, or made from see through plastic, but more often than not we carry knitting in something a little more elegant.

Because of this basic need a knitter may, wittingly or unwittingly, end up being a collector of said "bags". I have worked over the last 2 years become less of a collector and more of a user. I have given bags away by the bag full and tried my best to downsize the collection, but every once in awhile something takes me off guard...





That's awesome! Knitters and bags go hand and hand as do librarians. I am doomed.

Oh I love that! I'd be hard pressed to let that one get away.

Well you KNOW I'd appreciate those roses!!!

I can see the attraction! Love.It. It just makes me smile. . .!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!

Who needs bags of bags when you can have that one? Lov eit!

Where's it from? I think my MIL needs one, and I need one, and ...

Moxie thought you said "Stop and smell the toeses".

LOVE it!! (And OMG - the snow!!)

LOVE IT! I too am a collector of many, many bags, and yes, I would have bought this one, too.....

Positively love it.

Oh, that is wonderful -- especially with that snowy backdrop!

That one's really fun - and you could carry a huge project in there!

The perfect winter knitting bag...for the knitter who needs a bit of spring.

That is a MUST!

Perfect for you!!!!

That is the PERFECT picture.

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