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November 14, 2012



That's awesome! Knitters and bags go hand and hand as do librarians. I am doomed.

Oh I love that! I'd be hard pressed to let that one get away.

Well you KNOW I'd appreciate those roses!!!

I can see the attraction! Love.It. It just makes me smile. . .


Love it!!!

Who needs bags of bags when you can have that one? Lov eit!

Where's it from? I think my MIL needs one, and I need one, and ...

Moxie thought you said "Stop and smell the toeses".

LOVE it!! (And OMG - the snow!!)

LOVE IT! I too am a collector of many, many bags, and yes, I would have bought this one, too.....

Positively love it.

Oh, that is wonderful -- especially with that snowy backdrop!

That one's really fun - and you could carry a huge project in there!

The perfect winter knitting bag...for the knitter who needs a bit of spring.

That is a MUST!

Perfect for you!!!!

That is the PERFECT picture.

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