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Yarn Alonging

My replacement mitts have grown quickly and I'm nearly finished with the second hand. Thumbs will follow and should be finished by the time you read this post. The weather has turned, with the warm weekend giving way to the western winds and caving into a cold and rainy week.  My hands will welcome the warmth of the new Ragtops.


Audio books are the perfect accompaniment to my knitting. Kym told me some time ago Louise Erdrich would be publishing a new novel and, as soon as it was available on audio, I downloaded The Round House. An Ojibwa boy/man retells the story of a brutal attack suffered by his mother and how the event impacts his small family.

Yarn Along with Ginny because I love books and knitting.


Good to have warm hands, and a good book. Our weather is about to turn nasty.

Oooo! I can't wait to hear what you think of the new Louise Erdrich! It's in my reading queue... but will have to wait, as I got started on Mark Helprin's new one - In Sunlight and In Shadow - and it's loooong. (But good!)

Lovely mitts! Just perfect.

Those mitts will be done in no time! I finished the S.J. Bolton book on Monday and started Louise Penny yesterday. I'm actually reading, it's a miracle!

We're going to be 87 today and 53 tomorrow. The trees are getting barer and barer. I do think fall is moving right along and those pretty mitts will come in mighty handy.

Hm. I haven't read a good novel in a while! Love Ragtops!!

You're doing so well with those mitts! Cold weather is a great motivator, isn't it? *L* You wouldn't believe what I'm doing because I'm cold. o.O

You are really cranking out the knits again...good for you! I never thought about listening to a book while knitting. I may have to try that. :-)

Thanks to you Ragtops are next in my queue, and I love Louise Erdrich's writing!

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