Red Shoe Beach



Friday's blue skes and an early moon rising were a balm for the soul
Blue skies stayed through the all of the weekend
A variety of birds enjoyed the sunny weather and entertained with their antics
Kestrels graced our trees while a Northern Flicker knocked against the house
Dinner with dear friends brought added laughter and joy
Yarn shopping added to the stash (a sweater must be in my 2013 forecast)
Prayers for friends and family facing "Frankenstorm" filled my heart

There is no doubt that the weekend is certainly my favorite part of the week.


I always enjoy your mountain views. Love the shot of reds, oranges and greens in the foreground.

So glad you enjoyed such a restorative, beautiful, fun weekend!

That sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm so glad you got a chance to have one of those!!! Hugs, Sweetie.

Sounds wonderful. Mine was full of friends and partying and now a bonus day off. We don't expect to feel the full effects of the storm until much later today but it's pretty windy and rainy already.


Wasn't this weekend glorious? Drove home Saturday evening toward Mt Oly, and the sight just lifted my heart.

Such a pretty mountain picture! Weekends are the best. :D

What, you won't have that sweater finished this year?

Wonder photo. It's sort of hard to believe that there will be snow there before we're ready. Where did the year go?

Do you have a pattern in mind? And why are you waiting for next year?


Yours and mine, although mine was sadly without mountains or blue sky! :)

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