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October 16, 2012


I would recommend Michael Connelly, John Sandford, Greg Iles, Nevada Barr, and Lee Child.


I do enjoy a good mystery, too. I'll have to check out some of those, when I re-retire.

I'll be checking the library for Louise Penny. And YAY for Rebecca!

Well. . . you know that I've read 'em all, Margene. Except for one. (S.J. Bolton) And now that one is at the TOP of my to-read list! :-)

Love "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and the sequels. Also, I am heading for Tartan Noir. I'll keep you posted!!

Nevada Barr is also brilliant. I love S.J.Rozan's mysteries, too.

No one is remembering to mention Nancy Drew :D

You are wonderful/terrible for my reading queue! I've just started what I think is a mystery (in an attempt to avoid spoilers, more than once I have been surprised by thinking I was reading a book of one genre and it turns out to be something very different) called The Boy in the Suitcase. xo

Great list. I'm always happy to get a few new names for my reading list. I think that I'll move Louise Penny up to the top of my queue.

Thanks for sharing! I think I will give Louise Penny's books a try. I need to read more mysteries. Funny thing when I was a kid that is all I read but they have fallen by the wayside a bit as I have aged.

I adore mysteries, and had read all but one on the list. Am remedying that by reading S J Bolton's Now You See Me. Having a hard time putting the Ipad down and getting some work done:) Glad to see there is a second in the series, and that she had three previous books as well.

I am always curious to see what you are knitting, but I love your sharing of your reading! I have gotten a lot of good ideas by scanning your list. Thank you.

And did you see that Hilary Mantel won a second Booker prize for Bringing Up The Bodies?

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