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October 25, 2012


It's gorgeous. The color really is unique and I'm so happy that you finished it!

Absolute perfection! XOXO

Beautiful Margene! I've had this shawl in my queue forever. After my rash of baby hats and a Honey Badger Stuffie, I'll have to get one of my own on the needles.

That is so pretty. And, now you're already for spring!

What a gorgeous color for this pattern! Enjoy!

Gorgeous - and it'll be a beautiful, cheery color when the drab days arrive!

Oh MY....I love this!! You and I share that same love for red....so beautiful!

That's exquisite, Margene!

That is so lovely! The color will make you think of spring during the darkest days of winter!

It is beautiful. I love the pattern and the color.


Love it...wish I had more time to knit. I miss it but life will quiet down at some point in my life and I know I will miss being busy with kids!

I live my lace knitting through you at the moment!

Lovely, great knitting job as usual :)

Great color--I wish I could come and pet the yarn. I want to make a small shawl for a friend who is always too hot and wouldn't appreciate wool!

Beautiful Margene!

So lovely. Well done.

Oh, that's beautiful Margene! I love that wavy feather & fan.

That is so lovely, Margene!

Looking good Margene!

Wow! It's absolutely stunning!

came out great. what a fun colorway.

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