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October 11, 2012


Beautiful! You do such fine work.

It's beautiful - the color is perfect for you and you did a wonderful job with it. I'm so glad I got to see it in person and take some photos, too.

It is just a perfect shawl, Margene! Like Carole, I'm so happy that I got to see it live-and-in-person! Just lovely.


So pretty.

And, dearheart, it's a wonderful picture of you!


You've still got it when it comes to knitting, even if you don't crank out as many projects as you used to. Simply beautiful! ~Tracy

That edging is completely amazing! :)

Wow, that is simply gorgeous!

I really love that shawl.

It looks like she opened a new website: http://shop.theuncommonthread.co.uk/

Oh, I see that you linked to that in the first place. Silly me.

Gorgeous! My knitting time these days is almost nil, except on business trips.

The shawl is exquisite and the photo beautiful. It is a great picture of you!

Kudos to both you and Carole. All the good adjectives have already been written...it's simply marvelous!


What a lovely Occitan! I'm always so pleased to see my yarns knit into beautiful projects.
I'd like to clarify, if I may, that the Etsy shop has closed, but the yarns can sill be purchased online on my website.
Happy knitting,

SO beautiful and I love that you and I posted pictures of FO's in pretty much the very same color! <3 you!

Love it!

It's got everything! An interesting name. Beautiful yarn/color and a lovely pattern. Well done!

That is a really lovely shawl. The color and pattern are perfect.

These photos of your beautiful shawl actually took my breath away! It has also inspired me to drag out and work on my Traveling Woman shawl and finish it.

Very pretty, that edging is really lovely.

It's so gorgeous! This is the sky scarf you were meant to knit this year. xoxoxo

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